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Container Liner

HDPE/PP Sheets & Panels/Building & Construction Materials

Build To Optimize

When one of our container liners is installed in a standard ISO container box, it instantly becomes a dry bulk transport vessel. For bulk transport, using liners is the most cost-effective option, with substantial logistical and economic advantages.

We create your HDPE container liner that is compatible with your loading system and unloading capabilities. Each liner design is backed by detailed drawings and specifications.

A safe and sanitary transportation option, allowing you to move your goods and equipment with less concern.

Build To Optimize

  • Container Liners are a low-cost way to transport bulk goods in containers.
  • Our PE Liners are 100% recyclable, making them environmentally beneficial.
  • Containers can be loaded and dispatched rapidly and at a low cost of labour.

There are plenty of products you can packed into your own container liner, for example:

Plastic materials such as pellets, granules, resins

Food products

Construction materials

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