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Chicken Coop

HDPE/PP Sheets & Panels/Farming & Hobbies

Keep Your Chickens Safe

Build to last, this sturdy coop will keep your flock safe with a durable HDPE steel frame, reinforced HDPE walls, and a durable plastic roof that is simple to assemble for your convenience.

Our Sentinel Chicken Coop will provide your chickens with a safe and cozy home. The durable chicken coop is made with UV-shielded HDPE panels, you can feel the difference in quality. 

This HDPE-framed chicken coop can accommodate up to 7 chickens or more, depending on your preferred size.



A chicken coop usually has an indoor room where the chickens can sleep and nest, as well as an outdoor fenced-in area where they will feed and spend the most of their time 

Like a litter box, the coop should be cleaned every two weeks, and the straw should be redistributed every day. The disposable materials are collected in the tray beneath the coop for easier maintenance. 

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