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Highway Safety Barriers

HDPE/PP Sheets & Panels/Building & Construction Materials

Prevent & Protect

CONSAP Highway Safety Barriers created using HDPE sheerts are used to protect motor vehicles in high-risk areas such as steep slopes, high embankments, indistinct curves/bends, and sharp corners.

To minimize injuries to both the vehicle and the occupants by absorbing abrupt impact during a collision.

To serve as a directing fence for vehicles travelling in the proper direction. These panels act as a median barrier to prevent a head-on collision. This safety barrier for pedestrians on the highway.

The strong properties and the ability to retain its original shape after an impact makes this HDPE fit for safety barriers.


  • Maintenance-free and temperature-resistant.
  • Simple, quick tool-free assembly.
  • Durable expandable plastic barrier contracts and expands 6 times the original size

Instead of using it as a highway safety barrier, there are other forms of applications:

1.Parking lots and garages
2.Construction sites
3.Roadwork sites
4.Outdoor events
6.Amusement parks
8.Ski Resorts
11.Schools and Universities

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