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Weather-proof Gate/Door

HDPE/PP Sheets & Panels/Park & Recreation

No Rusting, No Worries

Each component of the high density polyethylene material has a uniform color. Self-lubricating surface resists stains caused by stains, paint, etc. Low maintenance costs; Good durability, waterproof, not affected by steam or high humidity.

HDPE doors and doors stand up to harsh environments better than traditional metal doors.

The great thing about our HDPE doors / doors is that we can create designs by cutting and extruding shapes and sizes, regardless of how many layers of color you want. We will do it!

They last at least 5 times longer than treated wood equivalents, and when combined with our warranty period on all HDPE products, these gates/doors will pay for themselves in 4 to 5 years by saving up to 80% on maintenance and replacement costs.

We offer a strong and long warranty period, to read more:

Other than house gates, we produce garden gates, barriers, fences, even partitions. 

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