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Introducing Our RESI-Cushion

ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE) Playground Flooring

RESI-Cushion is a Polyolefin elastomer. It has a high tensile and elongation strength, is waterproof, chemical and mold resistant, is eco-friendly, and many other benefits. 

Our granules are UV-stabilized for outdoor use, so the color of our products does not fade easily over time.

TPE Compounds add the finishing touch to a variety of products.
The soft touch of Thermoplastic Elastomer compounds is appealing and beneficial for consumer goods.

RESI-Cushion comes in granules or tile forms

RESI-Cushion is a Polyolefin elastomer.

It has a high tensile and elongation strength, waterproof, chemical and mold resistant, eco-friendly, and many other benefits. 

Resi-Cushion is the best EPDM Flooring replacement because it has a larger surface area per KG and is significantly lighter.


CONSAP Products are being developed with a focus on product safety and sustainability in mind.


  • Impact resistant and shock absorbing.
  • Lighter than EPDM; can cover 45% more surface than EPDM (per KG).
  • Our Resi-Cushion granules are clean and free of powder, so you can save on binder.
  • Uses 34% less binder compared to EPDM.
  • Many colors available, including bright colors.
  • Eco friendly: 100% recyclable and non-toxic.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Easy to clean. Algae will not stick to the surface.
  • Cost saving compared to EPDM.​


The use of RESI-Cushion is not limited to playground granules; it is also fitting for

  • Running Tracks
  • Indoor/Outdoor Playgrounds
  • Water-based Playground
  • Sport Halls/Facilities and Gym

How We Process

Sheet Extrusion

Our advanced-technology German machinery are used to extrude the HDPE sheets. The sheets can be produced in a smooth or textured surface, depending on our customer.

CNC machines

In comparison to manual cutting, CNC machining is extremely useful for obtaining a specific shape. Plasma cutting, laser cutting, milling, routing, and lathes are all examples of this type of cutting. Play panels, company logos, HDPE walls, and a variety of other items are examples.


Our sheets can be constructed into every shape or design. Using our HDPE sheets, you can consider making any custom shape you desire.

Plastic Welding

In addition, we provide plastic welding services. The HDPE sheets can be bonded together using plastic welding technology and a welding gun.

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