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To Our Clients

We aim for excellence in everything we do. We prioritize product quality while remaining adaptable and attentive to our clients’ needs and expectations.

With On-Time Delivery and Constantly Evolving R&D to stay at the technological forefront of our product, we consistently strive to maintain high customer satisfaction.

To Our Employees

We focus heavily on training in order to strengthen and upgrade the product knowledge and technical abilities of our workforce.

We believe in a healthy work atmosphere in which everyone, regardless of background or race, is treated fairly and with equal rights.


To Our communities

Our HDPE ManlapeneTM building materials, like a ripple effect, bring delight and a safe playing environment to many children across the world.

T0 create custom solutions for the world’s architects and engineers; and provide a more hygienic environment, particularly in food areas and hospitals.

HDPE Manlapene is responsible for a safe, eco-friendly, easy-to-work-with, hygienic, and long-lasting substance that will bring numerous benefits to those who use it directly and indirectly.

Warranty Period

We Stand By Our Products and By You

CONSAP manufactures high-quality HDPE and TPE products committing to our continuous research and development efforts, and then backs them up with the industry’s strongest and longest warranties to give you peace of mind and safeguard your investment.

Under regular usage and servicing, the following products are warranted for:


RESI-Cushion Warranties

  • Color Fading
  • Granules flaking and material deterioration
  • Normal wear and tear


HDPE Sheets & Panels Warranties

  • Color Fading
  • Material Deterioration

Anti-Slip│100% HDPE│Recyclable