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Playground Asets

Children Safety Flooring

Kids are cheering in gleeful unison that the time to go outside and play is upon us. Spring and sunny day is the universal time of year where it is beautiful outside and families end their winter hermit ways and come out to play. As the season is just beginning, it’s the perfect time to think about putting in your very own playground, or updating your old, outdated equipment.

When it comes to playgrounds, you have a tons of options, but two things are mandatory: your playground must be safe and it must be fun! Lucky for you, this is pretty easy to achieve.

Simply start with a vibrant, durable and fall height safety rated* playground flooring, add sturdy, well-maintained equipment, a little common sense and you’re good to go. Before the fun starts, let’s take a moment to check in on our safety. Because hospital trips are not fun. Neither are broken bones.

Manlapene™ HDPE is the most ideal building material for Playgrounds & Amusement Parks, because of the various reasons mentioned. Benefits of the Manlapene™ HDPE material:

  • Safe for kids to play on
  • Long lasting and sturdy
  • Material does not deteriorate
  • Does not rot, splinter, swell or rust
  • Vibrant Colours that will not fade
  • Hygienic / easy to clean
  • Can last through all weather types
  • UV protected and waterproof
  • Termite, fire, heat and chemical retardant
  • 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Anti-skid or extra smooth surface optional
  • Anti- vandalism (paint or graffiti does not stick, fire retardant)
  • Cost effective